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As the Summer draws to a close my mind is very much on my teaching programme beginning September 2021.  You can join new beginners+ evening courses on a Tuesday or daytime courses and workshops on a Thursday and Friday. You can view and book here.


You can share in my passion for art through following @louise.burdett.artist on instagram and facebook.

For me making art is a helping hand in understanding how to navigate the big issues of the day as I see and feel them. You could say it is an attempt to create a subtle narrative describing the process of waking up as a human being and taking a step outside my head into an amazing physical world and the inevitabilities and challenges of life. 


Over the coming two years you will see move away from landscapes to a more literal story-telling, which adopts symbolism and is influenced by an interest in paleoanthropology and archaeology, artists Basquait, Rothko, Rego, Bourgeois and Botticelli, as well as the terrors of climate change and biodiversity loss juxtaposed with the hope found in the natural and ever changing beauty of the Pembrokeshire landscape, coastline and wildlife.  This will be the basis of a solo show at Tenby Museum and Art Gallery in the summer of 2023.

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