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A signed print of When God Was A Woman (Being Human) 2023.  


When God Was A Woman 2023 is a depiction in charcoal of The Venus of Willendorf, a Mesolithic figurine made by another human being c24,000 years ago and found in Willendorf, Austria at the beginning of the 20th Century. Here it represents our hunter-gathering ancestry, the pre-Neolithic when we last lived in harmony with our habitat. This beautiful piece of human ingenuity and skill is considered to be one of the first known pieces of art made by our species, Homo Sapiens


From Wounded & the Art of Healing first shown at Tenby Museum & Art Gallery 9th July to 20th August 2023.


All measurements are approximate:

Image size: 270x270mm

Image size with signature: 270x280mm

Paper size: 450x320mm


When God Was A Woman 2023 - Signed Print

  • Authenticity

    Each print will be labelled and hand signed by the artist. 

  • Materials

    Printed on recyclable 340gsm paper, acid free and sourced from FSC certified sustainable sources.

  • This print is UNFRAMED

    Please note that you will receive one hand-signed print of the approximate dimensions specified in the description of this print. Images of framed prints are for illustration purposes only and do not necessarily bare relation to the size and scale of the white space around the image or shape of frame. All prints can be framed with a mount to suit chosen frame size.

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