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A signed print of The Great Migration #3 2023.


THE GREAT MIGRATION series each depict a Blue Shark off the Pembrokeshire Coast in an abstracted watery reality. At first we see a celebration of the irrepressible hope of nature in this ever moving beautiful natural being, set playfully against a colourful abstracted habitat. Or do we see something else, the destruction of habitat under a veil of colour, a metaphor for the shrinking of our own ecosystem right under our noses?


First shown at Art on the Faith Trail at St David's Cathedral  15th July to 24th August 2023.


All measurements are approximate:

Image size: 270x270mm

Image size with signature: 270x280mm

Paper size: 450x320mm


Please note this print is based on a painting originally called Keep on Moving (I'm Sorry) #3 2023.


The Great Migration #3 2023 - Signed Print

  • Authenticity

    Each print is labelled with title and year of the original painting and hand signed by the artist.

  • Materials

    Printed on recyclable 340gsm paper, acid free and sourced from FSC certified sustainable sources.

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