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A signed print of The Great Migration #4 2023.


THE GREAT MIGRATION series each depict a Blue Shark off the Pembrokeshire Coast in an abstracted watery reality. At first we see a celebration of the irrepressible hope of nature in this ever moving beautiful natural being, set playfully against a colourful abstracted habitat. Or do we see something else, the destruction of habitat under a veil of colour, a metaphor for the shrinking of our own ecosystem right under our noses?


From Wounded & the Art of Healing first shown at Tenby Museum & Art Gallery 9th July to 20th August 2023.


All measurements are approximate:

Image size: 270x270mm

Image size with signature: 270x280mm

Paper size: 450x320mm


Please note this print is based on a painting originally called Keep on Moving (I'm Sorry) #4 2023.

The Great Migration #4 2023 - Signed Print

  • Authenticity

    Each print is labelled with title and year of the original painting and hand signed by the artist.

  • Materials

    Printed on recyclable 340gsm paper, acid free and sourced from FSC certified sustainable sources.

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