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Wounded and the Art of Healing
Tenby Museum & Art Gallery, 11th July -19th August 2023

Wounded & the Art of Healing, a vibrant exhibition of paintings and drawings, follows a colourful journey of introspection, reconciliation and hope in the face of the deterioration of the biosphere and humanity's uncertain future.


Rather than being overpowered by these concerns and their effects on her mental health, contemporary fine artist Louise Burdett channels these emotions into a body of work that mirrors a path towards understanding, acceptance and healing. 


Artfully crossing borders between the figurative, abstract expressionist and landscape genres, Louise describes how her own experience of existential unease is set somewhere in between the conscious and the subconscious, inside a reality that isn’t always easily agreed upon.


In her multi-canvas piece The Great Migration Louise brings us face to face with Blue Sharks, native to the Pembrokeshire coast, gliding through abstracted watery realities. Their energy is palpable and their smiles almost perceptible, as if inviting viewers into their world of constant movement and transformation. Here, the vast and deep sea serves as a testament to the healing power of nature, while the rhythm of the rolling landscapes in I’m Sorry, that often form the backdrop to her work, echo the grounding effects of the natural ebb and flow of life. 


The centrepiece of the exhibition, Floating, is a powerful large-scale piece that depicts a figure suspended in water. The ambiguity of the figure's state (floating, sinking or drowning?) serves as a mirror to our own experiences, reflecting the varying states in which we choose to react to challenging events and emotions.


‘I’m interested in the physical reality of anxiety, and how it manifests itself as energy inside us. I seek to create a visual representation of this intangible and complex state whilst telling stories of love, hope and fear.’


As visitors leave the exhibition, they carry with them an invigorated sense of hope and inspiration. Wounded and the Art of Healing stands as a testament to Louise's ongoing journey of resilience and hope, serving as a beacon for those navigating their own inner struggles. Her work is a reminder that through self-expression, introspection, and the therapeutic power of nature, we can begin to heal our wounds and emerge stronger, brighter, and inspired.

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